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New 3rd Generation face to face copy remote control, 3rd Pair Copy remote control compatible with Rolling code and fixed code remote control, 3rd Pair Copy remote is the new super face to face copy remote, with new IC chip inside, it can copy fixed code and rolling code with fixed frequency, the exact compatible IC chip as following:


1.The following frequency for choice: 303MHz, 310MHz, 315MHz, 330MHz, 350MHz, 370MHz, 390MHz, 418MHz, 430MHz,433.92MHz

2. Our remote key can copy the following IC chip:

Fixed code: HT-12E, AX5326-3,.AX5326-4, AX5026, PT2262 ,PT2242,PT2240,HT600,.HT680,HT6207,

HT6010,HT6012,HT6014, MC145026, HT640, EV1527, EV527, PT2260,SMC918 series,

Rolling code: HCS101,HCS200201(some pars of code),HCS300301(some pars of code),

and some part of single chip.

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