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OBD-I to OBD-II Cables -- obd to obd2 connector & adapter

If the adapter of some Car diagnostic & Scan tool is not standard OBD-ii 16pin Adapter, so you need the obd to obd2 connector, and switch the OBD cables to OBD-ii Cables.

OBD Diagnostic Center supply many different vehicle OBD to OBD2 adapter, OBD to OBD2 plug, OBD2 Car Connector, Male to Female Connector, OBD OBD2 adapter, OBDI to OBDII connector cable.  For example: Mercedes benz 38Pin obdi obdii connector, PAS 30 PIN OBD adapter, BMW 20pin to obd2 16 Pin Connector, OBDII 16Pin male to female extension cable, Fiat 3pin to OBD2 16pin Adaptor Cable, Autocom cables, Autocom CDP trucks cables, etc.

Mercedes benz 38Pin to OBD2 16Pin Connector Cables30 PIN PSA30 Old CableBMW 20Pin to obd2 16Pin Diagnostic Connector CablesOBD2 16Pin Male To FemaleFiat 3pin to OBD2 16pin Adaptor CableCables for AUTOCOM CDP for CarsCables for AUTOCOM CDP for Trucks

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