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DigiProg 3 4.85 Digiprog III Mileage correction tool FAQs

DigiProg 3 4.85 Digiprog III Mileage correction tool FAQs

Digiprog 3 V4.85 odometer programmer is multi-language Odometer correction. Recently, some customer feedback they meet problems, when use Digiprog III mileage correction tool. Now, obd diagnostic center will list to you some FAQs of Digiprog III Odometer correction tool.
V4.85 Digiprog III Odometer Correction Tool Digiprog 3
Digiprog III Odometer correction Digiprog 3 Mileage correction

Below are FAQs of Digiprog III Odometer correction tool.

Q1: Does Digiprog 3 change mileage for BMW after 2008year? Does Digiprog iii make key for BMW?
A1: Better use Digimaster 3 to program mileage for the high-end BMW. Digiprog III can’t make key for BMW, advice you use AK300 key pro.

Q2: Does digiprog 3 work with VW golf 6 2009, golf 5 2006 and Peugeot 407 2006?
A2: Yes, digiprog III does. Please refer to digiprog 3 vehicle list

Q3: When I connect Digiprog iii with computer, I got error “DiagProg3.Setup GetByte_USB-TimeOut”.
DiagprogIII setup

A3: Only when you want to update Digiprog 3, you can connect Digiprog III with computer. At other times, don’t connect Digiprog 3 with computer.

Q4: You say Digiprog iii can’t connect with the computer, then what is the “setup.exe” used for? Where is the USB cable to be connected? How to supply power? After plug the OBD cable into the car, Digiprog 3 suggests insert No.1 cable, do I have to remove dashboard?
A4: a. Do not install the CD-ROM software “setup.exe”.
b. When you want to update digiprog3, connect the USB cable to the computer.
c. It doesn’t need power cord if the digiprog3 is directly connected to the car, the car will supply power for digiprog3.
d. After you plug the OBD cable (16pin cable), digiprog3 suggests you insert NO.1 cable, it means you have to use ST01 cable, not OBD cable.

Q5: I found Digiprog III power supply is not 220V, does it matter?
A5: Generally speaking, Chinese power input 110-220V, digiprog3 power input 110-220V and power output 12V.