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Search your questions? BMW ICOM A2 USB WIFI D-link installation and confi

                                                   BMW ICOM A2 USB WIFI D-link installation and configuration

Wifi BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic kit software update to 2016.5 version. offer whole Wifi BMW ICOM A2 B C with sofware hdd, no need install software, only insert HDD in laptop, can ready to use.

Wifi bmw icom a2 b c programmer with 2016.5 icom software diagnostic for almost of bmw vehicles
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About Wifi BMW ICOM A2 wireless diagnostic function, do you know how to configuration ICOM A2 USB Wifi D-link?
1. Insert WIFI USB D-link into the computer via USB port
2. Turn off the computer built-in WIFI or additional WIFI resources. Make sure only BMW ICOM WIFI USB exist on the computer. Meanwhile, disable both Internet network and local area connection.
3. Then power on computer.
4. Open “Network Connections” program to check there is no other existing Internet and Local Area connection.
NOTE: Do not disable DWA-131 which is the ICOM WIFI USB. If it displays “X” mark, ignore it.
5. Run BMW ICOM Rheingold ISTA-D ISTA-P software, tick “WIFI for ICOM”
6. Connect BMW ICOM A2 emulator connector with vehicle. Wait 20-60 seconds until the BMW ICOM A2 WLAN indicator stops flashing or flashes slowly which indicates that well communication is built between WIFI USB adapter and BMW ICOM A2 WIFI.
7. Start using BMW ICOM ISTA-D diagnostic or ISTA-P programming software. Press OK to continue.
8. The ISTA-D, ISTA-P, ISPI, ISSS etc program cannot be turn off, but only be miniaturized.
9. The WIFI BMW ICOM diagnostic system device is recognized by computer. WIFI wireless diagnostic and programming function are activated.