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Newest vxdiag VCX-PLUS diagnostic scanner with 16.2 piwis tester

                                                Newest vxdiag VCX-PLUS diagnostic scanner with 16.2 piwis tester2

VXdiag VCX-PLUS Diagnostic tool with 16.2 piwis tester 2 and JLR v139, can works for almost of porsche and jaguar, land rover vehicles, include 12V car and 24V trucks. 3 in 1 VXdiag diangose scanner with Panasonic CF30 installed Porsche piwis tester2 and JLR v139 software, ready to use.
v16.2 piwis tester2 vxdiag multi diagnostic scanner for porsche JLR
Why to choose VXDIAG Multi Diagnostic Scanner with panasonic CF30?
- Support Porsche, LandRover, Jaguar 2 in 1, Now Can Also Pay to Get Subaru Software Update Package
- Support add more original software in feature, you only need buy authorization from us. Already released original software authorization has Toyota, Honda, LandRover, Jaguar, and Porsche. Software will release soon including: Volvo, Subaru, Chrysler, GM, Ford, Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, GMC, Nissan, Suzuki, VAG, BMW, BENZ, FERRARI and Marerati.
- Hardware support 4-way CAN BUS and 2-way K - Line/L-Line, support multi-protocol high-speed and concurrent communication
-  Package come with CF30 Laptop, software all preinstalled(Porsche and JLR all preinstalled), directly use, convenient for operation.
    - PIWIS II Latest Version: V16.2
    - LAND ROVER Version: V139

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