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2015 NEW Denso Intelligent Tester2 diagnostic programmer FAQ

                                                 2015 NEW Denso Intelligent Tester2 diagnostic programmer FAQ

Toyota Denso Interlligent Tester2 2015.10 Denso IT2 released. Hand-held Toyota Denso IT2 Scanner software can update by TF Card, supports diagnose and programming for Toyota, Lexus and Suzuki from 1998 to 2015.

Where can to buy best toyota Denso Intelligent Tester 2 diagnostic tool? How to choose top qualiyt Denso IT2 Scanner? Below, I will sharing some customer qustion and answer.
2015.10 Toyota Denso IT2 diagnostic tool
2015.10 Toyota Denso Intelligent Tester 2 Scanner Toyota Denso IT2 diagnose programmer
Q:Dear salesman,can you tell me which tool is good for these car?I need to diagnose them, thanks!:
1) 2004 Toyota Caldina Gt-Four
2) 2002 Toyota IST
3) 2004 Toyota Celica
4) 2003 Toyota Wish
5) 2004 Toyota Allion/Premio
A:hi,friend,you can try on toyota IT2 scanner.

Q: How to update Toyota IT2?
A: Buy the card stored with the newest software.
Q: How many pieces of card in the package of Toyota IT2?
A: There are 3pcs of cards: Toyota card, Suzuki card and one blank card for backup, as for the software version, please pay attention to our newest notice.
Q: Does TOYOTA IT2 have touch-screen calibration?
A: yes, it has. The touch-screen calibration is optional in the menu bar.
Q: Can Toyota IT2 program new key for Lexus / Toyota 1999 even all key lost?
A: Yes, Toyota IT2 can do.
Q: Can Toyota IT2 program ECM / PCM?
A: Yes, it can do.
Q: Can Toyota intelligent tester IT2 read smart key information?
A: Toyota it2 can program key but can’t read smart key information.
Q: Can Toyota IT2 work with Hybrid vehicles? Does IT2 have supported vehicle list? Which year car models Toyota IT2 covers?
A: Toyota IT2 doesn’t work with Hybrid vehicles, we have no specific vehicle list but you can check it in the mainframe, it2 work with the vehicles up to 2013.
Q: Can Toyota IT2 work with Toyota land cruiser Diesel 2006 ?
A: In theory, Toyota IT2 can do, besides, you can also try allscanner IT3.

Q:Hey,May I know do I still need computer when I use it ? need I install it?
A:Thanks for visiting
When you do diagnosis,you no need computer, but if you need check the data, you need get CF card out and insert to computer.

1. First install setup
2. Install winRTUSB
3. Then you can check user manual,it will tell you how to check data next.
Noitce:This software only can be installed on XP system computer with no anti-virus.

Q:How can I get update?
A:Once we get newer version card, you can buy it to update.