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ND900 chip copier with 4D decoder ND900 transponder programmer r

                                               ND900 chip copier with 4D decoder ND900 transponder programmer review

The ND900 with 4D decoder is newest auto transponder key programming tool. ND900 chip copier with 4D decoder support chips include 40,41, 42, 44 vag, 45, 4D and more. ND900 key programmer newest software version is V2.28.3.63 and just support English. What different of ND900 key programmer and AD90p+?
nd900 with 4d decoder nd900 key programmer nd900 chip copier
Today, I will share with you some customer frequently asked question of ND900 with 4D decoder box
Q: How to use ND900 4D Decoder ?
A: Connect with ND900 multiplexer, then you can copy 4D chip, no need to connect with the laptop.
Q: How to open ND900 ID46 Function ?If you met with white-screen problem or device locked problem,please update it as follows:
A: 1. Update ND900 on
2. Send us ND900 product ID to open the ID46 functions
3. Update ND900 again after factory open the authorization
4. Update successfully
Q: ND900 with 4D SK95-B software installed successfully on Winxp system, it displayed error "no valid connection"
A: There are too much com port in the same computer, please change to another computer or system.
(winxp sp3 32bit system English version engineer recommend)
Q: Which tool you recommend to copy Tpx2 chip ?
A: If you want to copy tpx2 chip, you can use nd900/cn900 with cn2 chip together.
Q: Can Zedbull copy and write Jeep key chip, 4D 64 crypto chip?
A: Try nd900 plus 4d decode box (SK95-B).
Q: Which tool can copy Kia Transponder Key ID46(SA1043)?
A: You can try nd900/cn900/468 key pro to copy ID46 chip.
Q:  Can ND900 SK95 copy 4D chip onto TPX2  chip ?
A: No, it can't.
Q: Can nd900 support all key lost ?
A: No, it doesn't. ND900 can only copy key chips, it doesn't support all key lost.
Q: Do you supply C1-C2-C3 chip work with nd900?
A: Yes, please check
SA156 CN1 Copy 4C Chip
SA157 CN2 Copy 4D Chip
SA1236 CN3 ID46 Cloner Chip (work with CN900 or ND900 device)

Hope these can useful for you, also, if you have any advice or question about this ND900 with 4D decoder, please feel free contact to .