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Advantage AD900 3.15 Pro v3.15 AD900 transponder programer

                                                             Advantage AD900 3.15 Pro v3.15 AD900 transponder programer

Newest V3.15 AD900 Pro Super AD900 Transponder universal programer released. Where have free AD900 V3.15 software download link? How to use AD900 Pro copier chip? Why to choose Super AD900 V3.15 key programmer for your vehicles?

Super AD900 Pro v3.15 AD900 Key programmer 3.15 AD 900 Pro with 4D copier
ad900 3.15 transponder programmer
Why to choose ad900 pro key copier for your vehicles?
1.4D pincode explanation function.
2.Support on copying these transponder: 13,33,T5,40,41,42,44,45 and 4C.
3.Can write and unlock for the special transponders:
1) Change the pincode for Kia and Hyundai.
2) Unlock the ID 48 Transponder, ID 33 for Renault, ID 46 for Renault, ID 41 for Nissan and ID 42 for VW.
4.Can use to program the EEPROM on the ECU.
1)Get rid of removing the proceture for reading pincode and reset the ecu.
2)With ECU picture and EEPROM code explanation.
5.AD900 come with the Hitag 2 function.
Support on programming the transponder key and remote for Audi A8, VW Touareg,VW Phaeton,English BENTLEY, and BMW E38, E39, E46, E53, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E87, E90, E91, E92, EWS3, EWS3+, EWS4, CAS, CAS2, CAS3.

Otherwise, V3.15 AD900 transponder key programming system with 4D copier function, new add to read 8C and 8E chip. Want deep to know this ad900 key programmer or have different advice, please feel free contact .