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Renault V146 can clip cracked V146 can clip user operate guide

                                                             Renault V146 can clip cracked V146 can clip user operate guide

Newest can clip v146 for renault CAN CLIP diagnostic tool cracked V146 software. Renault V146 can clip support many 2015 year renualt vehicle models. How to operated and install v146 can clip software? Below, I will share with you Renault CAN CLIP v146 interface user manual.

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V146 can clip renault can clip 146 interface
Renault V146 can clip installation guide
1. Insert the CD into computer CD driver and to open it.

2. Find the file " Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0" and then copy it to the desktop.

3. Open the file and double-click "Crack! Renault CAN-CLIP.reg Registration Entries", and then click " Yes" and continually click "OK" .

4. Find and double-click "setup.exe", it will automatically enter into a new interface.

5. Click "FIRST INSTALLATION" >> " I accept the term of the license agreement">>"Next", and then choose the country (if your country is out of list, please click "OTHER COUNTRIES" ), and click Next to continue.

6. Select language, and then click Next, it will automatically go on installation (You just need to operate according the tips to make sure its normal installation).

7. Installation done, it pops out a hint " The platform will restart automatically".

8. Right click " CLIP" on the laptop and choose "Properties" >> "Find Target", and to find and Cut " RSRWin.exe" into desktop.

9. Open "Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0" on the desktop and also open " Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0" file, fin "RSRWin.exe", next copy and paste it into the blank of Step 8 (i.e. to as subsitetute for "RSRWin.exe" cut into desktop).

10. Open "RSRWin.exe" (being pasted into C'CLIP_X91LibApplication).

11. Then it will pop out a new interface, Click " Register me now" to pop out message "Are you part of the Renault Network?" and to select "No".

12. Nest, a new interface pops out asking for the unlocking code, You can see Step 8 the file "Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0" to get unlocking code and input them.

13. Put the "RWRWin.exe" (previously cut into desktop, mark red) to substitute for " RSRWin.exe" ( in the C'CLIP_X91LibApplication).

14. Open "Found New Hardware Wizard", slelect "Nest" and finish.

15. Click "Clip" on the desktop, it will pop out a new interface and automatically update sensor firmware.

16. Fill in Vehicle VIN and click "OK", and complete the information shown at screen display, and then click "COMPUTER TEST".

So far, all has been done for V146 Renault CAN Clip software installation. Detail or any question, please direct visit , online service will give you best answer and good helps.