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Super BMW AutoHex II diagnsotic scanner AutoHex 2 auto programme

                                            Super BMW AutoHex II diagnsotic scanner AutoHex 2 auto programmer

AutoHex II interface original BMW autohex 2 is multi auto diagnostic tool. The AutoHex 2 diagnostic tool upgrade release 18/05/2015, can work on win 7/8 and windows xp system. BMW AutoHex II scan tool support online update software and programming ECU.

BMW AutoHex II diagnostic tool AutoHex 2 auto programmer autohex2 scanner
bmw autohex ii scan tool diagnose and programming bmw
Original BMW AutoHex II scan tool can do what for you?
1. Individual coding and programming is allowed even if the vehicle missing some ECUs (or ECUs have different VIN).
2. Ability to change VIN of all ECU including the CAS ECU.
3. Ability to change defected CAS1,2,3 and CAS3+ ECU with another used CAS.
4. Ability to backup and restore FA (Vehicle order) from different ECUs
5. Ability to program each module on it's own .
6. 100% Safe and all your work is backed up automatically in our server for extra safety and peace of mind .
7. Ability to match used DME to the CAS (ISN matching including 128 bits ISN)
8. Ability to add new Keys in CAS1,2,3 and CAS3+ even all key lost all by OBD
9. Ability to run dealer software (ISTA D/P Rheingold) with 100% compatibility.
10. Customized Option ( you can ask as for any extra option you wanna add to your device and we will add it within 24 to 48 hours, Free Of charge ) .
11. Free update .
12. 2 servers online for more convenient working and free support available 12/24 ( teamviewer, emails, skype and whatsapp )

AutoHex II not only work for bmw cars, our company also provide Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, GDS and Nissan software for AutoHex II diagnostic tool. Detail information, please visit .