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How to use VAG vas5054a with ODIS 2.23 + postsetup 6.20.25

                                                              How to use VAG vas5054a with ODIS 2.23 + postsetup 6.20.25

ODIS v2.2.3 vas 5054a software Diagnostic Information System Service for VAG (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Lamborgini, Bentley) cars. VAG ODIS 2.23 + Postsetup v.6.20.25 can run on win 7/ 8 system, provide 10 year free authorization license, allow user online diagnose and programming vehicles.
vag vas5054a with oki odis 2.2.3 postsetup 6.20.25
The ODIS V2.2.3 software HDD no need activate, support directly work with vag vas 5054a, but frist we need install vag vas 5054a and connect it. Here, I will share with you how to use vag vas 5054a with ODIS 2.2.3 software.

1. Install vas 5054 ODIS setup
Open My Computer >>D://>> “audi-vw-odis2.2.3”>> “ODIS 2.23”>> VWAUDIODIS 2.2.3>>dav>>Odis>>Trade-Wholesale>>software>>installation
Copy ODIS-Sv2.2.3-RC320L-Setup to C://
Open and run ODIS-Sv2.2.3-RC320L-Setup on C://
Select software language
Follow system prompt to save file to disk C
Search license at D:// audi-vw-odis2.2.3//AUDI-VW ODIS 2.2.3-License//license//license.dat
Install Microsoft Visual C++2005
Finish installing Setup Wizard

2. Connect vas 5054a
Connect VAS 5054a Bluetooth scanner with vehicle and computer
Open My computer>>Device Manager>>Softing Vehicle Interface>>VAS5054, to check the well communication is built
Open “OffboardDiagLauncher” on the desktop
Select “Start diagnosis” on the main function menu
Turn vehicle ignition to ON
VAS 5054a ODIS software will automatically detect vehicle information, select vehicle version and engine type to continue
Check the control unit

3. Bluetooth matching
Install device driver software
Find out Bluetooth connection on the right bottom corner of the system
Click Add a Device
Select VAS5054 interface to add to the computer
Select the device’s pairing code
Bluetooth connection is well built, the device is ready to use

4. Configure hardware
Open ODIS Service Diagnostic Interface Configuration on the desktop
Press Add EDIC button
Select EDIC to install VAS5054 from the drop down list
Select COM port as COM4

VAG 5054A installation procedure is complete, then start to diagnose vehicle with vas 5054a ODIS 2.2.3 software. Any question, welcome share it with .