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Cracked Tango key prog V1.9.12 Tango transponder prog news

                                                    Cracked Tango key prog V1.9.12 Tango transponder prog news

Tango key prog release V1.91.12 version software, also new added many support vehicles. V1.91 Tango key programmer supprot onlie update, suit to chevrolet, renault, hyundai, kia more cars key, transponder immobilizer programming.

Original Tango key programmer V1.91.12 Tango multi transponder programming tool
v1.91.12 tango key programmer tango transponder programmer

The V1.91.12 Tango transponder programmer added new function for reading the Kilometers, VIN and transponder type for all BMW keys was added to the BMW software module! Immo pin code is also displayede for some car models. With this programmer you can generate images for many different original transponders like Philips ID33, Philips Crypto for different ID's and Texas crypto.

Tango Key Programmer New Add:
Key maker Chevrolet Cruze 2008- (24C16,HITAG)
Key maker Chevrolet Lacetti 2005- (ST7,ID4D)
Key maker Renault Mascott 2002- (93C66,HITAG)*
Key maker Renault Clio II 2003- (93C66,HITAG)*
Key maker Hyundai Accent 2004- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Hyundai H1 2001- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Hyundai H200 2001- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Hyundai Santa Fe 2006- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2003- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Hyundai Starex 2002- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Hyundai Terracan 2001- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Hyundai Trajet 2004- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Kia Carnival 2002- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Kia Sorento 2003- (93C56,ID4D)
Key maker Volvo V40 2004- (9S12,ID48)
Key maker Volvo V50 2004- (9S12,ID48)
New pictures in help file (total 315MB)

Do you know how to use Tango Key prog creat a new key? Need helps or have any news about Multi function Tango key programmer v1.91.12, welcome to or contact obd2motor get more information.