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Most Popluar Universal Autel scanner tool from GetAutel

                                                    Most Popluar Universal Autel scanner tool from GetAutel

Autel is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of professional diagnostic tools, equipments and accessories in the automotive aftermarket.

GetAutel is the most professinal authorized online distributor. All Autel scanners are available in GetAutel online store. You can get your favorable Autel tool just a few clicks. Today we list 3 top selling universal diagnostic tool from Autel. Autel scanner  is a reputable brand name of  OBD? world.  

There are Autel MaxiDAS® DS708, MaxiDiag® Elite MD802 and MaxiSYS® Pro MS908P.
MaxiDAS® DS708 

MaxiDAS® DS708 is covered 30 Asian, European and American car models. Language supporting: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and German. Computer requirement is Windows CE operating system. . DS708 projects accurate, comprehensive and fast diagnosis. It is compatible with the function of supporting all 5 OBDII protocols and all 9 test modes. Support innovative remote diagnose wirelessly. Automatic WIFI update is available in the new release software.


MaxiDiag® Elite MD802

MaxiDiag® Elite MD802 is the most advanced scan tool troubleshot four system(Engine, transmission, SRS, ABS) or full system (other extra function like air condition) vehicle coverage MD701, MD702, MD703, MD704. It has the capacity to do basic diagnostic for 10 test modes. It was special designed to turn off warn light for all Asian vehicles.

autel maxidiag elite md802

MaxiSYS® Pro MS908P

The expectant Autel MaxiSYS® Pro MS908P scan tool has been launched recently. It supports more than 40 American, European and Asian vehicle makes. It is capable of basic diagnostic and even ECU programming. The language covers French, German, Japanese and Portuguese. It is compatible with built-in 5-megapixel rear camera with autofocus and virtual on-screen keyboard which made it use friendly. WIFI wireless connection is available for it as well.