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Tactrix OpenPort2.0 usb cable Tactrix openport 2.0+ECUFlash

                                                           Tactrix OpenPort2.0 usb cable Tactrix openport 2.0+ECUFlash

2.0 Tactrix Openport cable not only used to mitsubishi subaru cars, also works for Toyota, Jaguar and LandRover diagnose and tune. Do you know how to use Tactrix Openport tune your vehicles? Why need get to Tactrix Openport2.0  Rev E connector?

Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 ecu tuning tool 2.0 Tactrix OpenPort usb cable
tactrix openport2.0 usb
HighLight of Tactrix OpenPort2.0 OBD2 ECU tuning tool
1. 72Mhz 32-bit processor
2. USB 2.0 full speed device
3. Looks like a USB COM port to the operating system - no special drivers needed
4. Field upgradeable software
5. Supports all major OBD protocols:
    - CAN 2.0 (CAN/ISO15765)
    - K-line (ISO9141/ISO14230(KWP2000)/dual K line)
    - J1850 (PWM/VPW) W
6. Standalone datalogs to microSD / microSDHC card without a laptop
7. Able to apply GND or 8V-18V (5V-25V in a future version) to OBD pins 1,3,9,11,12,13 or AUX 2.5mm stereo connector
8. Able to log from Innovate Motorsports 2.5mm stereo data bus
9. Using PCMSCAN software under J2534 settings, will record and display all global level OBD-II sensor data, PID information, Freeze Frame, Readiness Monitor status and more  (see PCMSCAN page for details)
10. Used with PCMSCAN, can be used to merge and display OBD-II data with Air/Fuel ratio data (via an auxiliary serial/usb port on the PC) from any of the following AFR components:
     - Innovate Motorsports LC-1 & LM-1
     - AEM 30-4100 UEGO gauge
     - PLX Devices iMFD Sensor Module
     - TechEdge wide band O2 meter
     - Zeitronix ZT-2 wide band air/fuel meter
11. RGB status LEDs

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