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Install of DQ200+DQ250 DSG reader box DSG car ECU reader

                                                      Install of DQ200+DQ250 DSG reader box DSG car ECU reader

DQ200+DQ250 DSG reader is vehicles ECU programming for vw and audi. Mini DSG reader box just support English language. DSG ECU reader can read, wirte and save dump to bin file of car ECU chip.

Obd diagnostic center MINI DSG reader can used for AUDI and VW new car. Support K-line and CAN BUS car. Do you know how to use this tool? Here we will share with you it install step.

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Mini DSG ECU reader BOX DQ200+DQ250 DSG READER

Note: When you receive the device, please install the software in a clean win xp sp3 32bit system, no antivirus, firewall software allowed.

Step 1: Copy the DQ200+DQ250 DSG READER software in the CD, paste them to your local disk.

Step 2: Disable all Network Connection, including: the local a reaconnection, wireless network connection and 1394 connection.

Step 3: Open the MINI DSG Reader folder, click " run me first registration entries", and a windows dialogue popup reading: Registry Editor..., click OK.

Step 4: Click icon " DSG Reader" and a windows diaglogue popup displaying License expired, click OK, then another one popup showing machine ID, press " chrl+v " to paste, and click OK.

Step 5: Create one txt file in the desktop and into it paste the machine ID, then send it to for activation.

Step 6: Then we will send back the license file activated, cut it and paste it in to the Mini DSG Reader folder.

Step 7: Right click the green icon "DSG Reader " to open it, then close the appeared screeen, and again right click "DSG Reader" --send to -Desktop create shortcut)

Step 8: connect the DSG Reader to the computer and the car, then it will popup windows " fount new hardware", step-to step to install it.

Step 9: click "my computer-device manager", if you find "USB OBD II cable", it means the computer and the DSG reader establish communication.

Step 10: Open the "Shotcut to DSGreader" in the desktop.

Now, you are ready to start to use DSG reader to read and write latest dual-clutch DSG gearbox data for AUDI and VW. Have any question please feel free contact