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Remote key programmer wireless signal decoder & detector

                                                      Remote key programmer wireless signal decoder & detector

433mhz remote programmer, remote control detector, remote control key duplicator is locksmith tool for car repair service shop, garage, workshop. Remote control decoder can used to automotive, Garage and any remote control alarm system. offer many kinds of remote control detector & duplicator, remote control decoder and wireless receive controller, here, I will share with you some popular remote control detector.

433mhz/315mhz remote control code scanner remote code detector
remote control detector
Receives the signal sent by the fixed code anti-theft system, save and copy the master’s remote control signal The effective distance is 500 metres. Save thirty remote control signals Decodability chip: PLC fake rolling code(5326), EV1527, PT2262, HT12E, HT601.

Wireless remote receive controller System & Interference

wireless receive controller

Automotive jammers, remote signal controller main function is to interfere with, shielding remote control signal. When using the remote control variety without limitation, regardless of the fixed code and rolling code car can interfere with screen disadvantages

4 fixed frequency remote control decoder auto remote contorl duplicator
4 in 1 remote control duplicator
4 in 1 Remote control decoder for 4 fixed frequency 315MHZ, 330MHZ, 430MHZ, 433MHZ. 4 fixed frequency Remote control decoder is LCD shows, Operate simply, visual and strong sensibility, which can achieve the acception in remote.

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