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Installation of ktag 2.11 master software k-tag V2.11 ecu progra

                                                       Installation of ktag 2.11 master software k-tag V2.11 ecu programmer

K-tag master ECU programmer release 2.11 software version, the firmware version is 6.070. Newest 2.11 Ktag ecu programming tool wroks for more ECU and protocols. Do you know how to install and use the ECU master ktag 2.11?

Step of install newest ktag master v2.11 ecu programming tool
ktag 2.11 ecu programmer
Note: Install ktag 2.11 ecu programmer software before need disable wireless and local network connection, otherwise the device will damage.

Step One: Install WinRAR setup
1).Open My computer, choose K-TAG V2.11 (E:) setup, click wrar362 zip file and Install WinRAR 3.62
2).Open WinRAR 3.62 Setup, click Select all and OK? Click Done

Step Two: Install KSuite driver software
1. Open KSuite setup in the CD, Click Next, and then Install to install the setup wizard.
2. Click OK to accept Microft Visual C++ notice, Select system language.
3. Click OK then Click Next.
4. Click Next Read Me file.
 - If the system displays “Connection not established” message, click OK.
 - Right click “K-Suite” on the desktop, click ““properties”>> “Find Target”>> “help” and delete it
 - Paste to copy the folder “help” from E: to C:

5.Open and extract it to Local Disk(C:), click OK
6.Connect the K-TAG ECU programmer with vehicle and wait the system to find the hardware driver and install it
7.Open “My Computer”>> “Computer Management”>> “Device Manager”>> “Universal Serial Bus controllers” >> “USB device” to check and make sure there is good communication between K-tag and computer.
8.Open “K–Suite” on the desktop, it will automatically search software update online, firmware update online…read device info…Updating device...
9.Click vehicle icon, Accept warning notice by click OK
10.Select the plug-in you need, Click Read to start to read ECU. Check the K-TAG ECU programmer indicators, both green and red indicator light should flash

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