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Frequency Transmitter & Receiver Smart Remote control key

                                                             Frequency Transmitter & Receiver Smart Remote control key

In Electron Market, Brazil positron remote control key include old version (with HSC300 chip) and new positron (with 12F519IMS chip). Universal remote control key have rolling code, fixed code and computer code.

For these multi frequancy and functions remote control keys, do you need one code transmitter & receiver ? If you are locksmith technolgy person or car repair shop service, maybe you need these tool help you using that remote control keys.

Digital counter remote master remote control duplicator
digital frequency counter
Digital Counter Remote Master is suitable for the remote control and the match of anti-theft annunciator, decoding, debugging and check. Including Auto theftproof implement, wireless theftproof implement, garage door remote control, and electric control door remote control. Digital Counter Remote Master is equiped with three remote control (Including size A, B, C).

QN-H618 Host of Remote Controller QN-H618 Remote Master
qn-h618 remote control copier
QN-H618 host of remote controller is remote control machine. Remote master can copy kinds of wireless RF remote controller. QN-H618 remote copier is suitable for key lock shop locksmith and car service shop.

Host of Remote Controller QN-H618 functions
1. Frequency indicate (25MHz-1GHz)
2. Data Detect
3. Duplicate /learn Fixed code remote       
4. Duplicate /learn part of Rolling code remote                      
5. Duplicate /learn part of original car keys
6. Read/duplicate RFID
7. Compare data (Frequency, data, etc) between remotes after copy
8. Regenerate new remote control
9. Online upgrade via an USB
10. Chinese/English  bilingual support

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