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Software installation of vag-com vcds 12.12 interface

                                                                          Software installation of vag-com vcds 12.12 interface

Do you interested in vag com vcds 12.12 interface? China supply Francais, Deutsch and English vagcom vcds 12.12 interface, it can use to audi, vw, seat, skoda many vag cars. How to install vag-com vcds 12.12 software on windows?

vag com vcds 12.12

VAGCOM VCDS 12.12 interface vag diagnostic tool vcds 12.12

STEP 1: Install VCDS Software
DO NOT plug VAG-COM cable into computer yet. And DO NOT launch software after installation.
First install VCDS 12.12 software that came with the package. It's straight forward.
Leave original installation path of: C:Ross-TechVCDS

STEP 2: Plug VAG-COM 12.12 Cable Into Computer
Plug VAGCOM cable into any USB port on your laptop / computer. And allow about 4 minutes for Windows to automatically install drivers.
  - If Windows says that drivers are successfully installed, then can skip to Step 4.
  - If Windows fails to install drivers, then continue to Step 3 below.

STEP 3: Install Driver Files
1) Go to Control Panel.
   Windows Vista/7/8: Control Panel » System » Device Manager
   Windows XP: Control Panel » System » "Hardware" tab » Device Manager

2) And expand "Ports (COM & LPT)".
3) Right-click on "Ross-Tech" » Update Driver Software.
4) Choose "Browse Computer for Driver Software".

5) Browse to: "C:Ross-TechVCDS". So it should look like this...

6) Click "Next". When you get below message, choose "Install this driver software anyway".
That's it. Cable is now installed. Go to Step 4 below...

STEP 4: Disable Internet & Launch Software
Before launching the software...
  - You MUST be disconnected from internet/WIFI before launching the software. If you're connected to internet, then interface won't be found.

To launch software, go to and double click on: C:Ross-TechVCDSVCDSA.exe (if you don't see VCDSA.exe, then launch: VCDS.exe)
Then go to: Options » Test (leave it as USB)

It should say that interface is Found, like below...

Click "Save". You're now ready to scan your car(s).

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