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How update mb star c3 firmware to version V3

                                                                              How update mb star c3 firmware to version V3 sell top quality mb star c3, mb sd connect c4 and newest version benz diagnostc software HDD, the mb sd connect compact 4 with wireless diagnostic function, so itself have wifi card. Also, mb star c3 and mb sd connect 4 support update firmware version.

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How to update get new version?
1. Upgrade directly from Super MB Star C3
2. Download from Super MB Star Offical Websit
3. Contact with us to get the upgrade installation software.

1. After get the new version of super mb star updater v3.0, please insert the USB key, and then install this software in super mb star OS. (Do not install in your local HDD)
2. Un-zip it on the super mb star desktop, double click to run choose the language, and click [OK].
3. Click [Next]. Setting the installation path, click [Next] as default install path.
4. Create desktop icon is necessary, click [Next].
5. Click [Install] to start the installation after check everything alright.
6. Software requires user install Microsoft Visual C++, please click [Next] to continue.
7. Click [Install] to start installing visual C++. Click [Finish] to continue.
8. Click [Finish] to finish the installation of super mb star updater.

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Active and Link
1. Double click the super mb star updater v3.0 icon on your super mb star OS desktop, then [choose a serve] near you, input the super mb star [ serial number], [imput the password], click [login] button to login.

Serial number: you can find it at the side of your USB key. Format: [SUPxxxxxxxER]
Password: you can find it in the super mb star password letter. [ Last 8 digital numbers is the default login password, you can change it after your login.]

2. If this is the first time your super mb star login, it will be automatically active, the expiration days will start to count from this time, and you will see the following screen.

3. Please input your email address, and then click [ Register], super mb star system will send you a register code to your email automatically, please checks your email to get the code.

4. Input the register code to your super mb star updater, and click [Link] to finish the active and link steps.

Notice: You can click [Remind Later] button to login the super mb star updater directly without linking to your email, but the upgrade function not available until you linked your email successfully.