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Condor XC-007 car key cutting tool IKeycutter machine FAQ

                                                                  Condor XC-007 car key cutting tool IKeycutter machine FAQ

In china new add some car key cutting tool, these key cutting machine works for more vehicles, include V8/X6 car key cutting machine, CONDOR XC-007, Miracle-a7 key cutting tool, which one key cutting tool suit for you?

condor xc-007 key cutter

CONDOR xc007 key cutting tool IKEYcutter car key fix machine

Q: Does the ikeycutter condor XC-007 Master series key cutting machine duplicate (copy) existing keys?
A: Yes, it can duplicate existing keys.
Q: Can it also decode & cut keys by code?
A: Yes, it can.
Q: Is it the same as the 3D Pro Xtreme or is compatible to the 3D Pro Xtreme?
A: 3D Pro Xtreme do not have keys database, but our Condor XC-007 have internal database for keys, you can search keys according to it's code. Our tool now mainly used on automotive key, including laser key and tibbe key, not including residential key now, but in future we will update it.
Q: The XC-007 run little slow, cut one pc key, need about 5 mintues, shall I improve the speed, where can I do this?
A: You can set cutting speed from setting
Q: Does Condor XC-007 can cut BMW and VW keys? If it available, is there special fixture need?
A: Yes, it does; system will prompt you which fixture need, according to the car key model you choose
Q: If I lost all keys, I can code a key?
A: If there is key information you input in our database, you can code new keys, what’s more the database support update

online, more and more key information will include

Q: Does this key cutting machine can used to do key programming?
A: This item is used for key cutting, can not do key programming, if you need key programmer, you can check it here

Q: Is there internal key database list, I want to print out the database list?
A: Yes, there is internal key database, but you can not print it out.

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