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Delphi software udpate version 2014.02 Delphi activate software

                                                               Delphi software udpate version 2014.02 Delphi activate software

Do you need newest delphi software? How update 2013.3 delphi diagnostic software to 2014.1 or 2014.2 version? Here, will share with update delphi software detailed operation step.

The delphi 2014.02 activation software just work for delphi, don't suit for autocom cdp+ diagnostic programmer, and update software version to newest version before, must turn off your internet connection and shut down antivirus software, if not, the software and activate file will broken.

Bluetooth Delphi DS150E interface Single PCB Delphi DS150E diagnostic scanner

delphi ds150
Delphi old version update to Delphi 2014.2 Operation Guide:

1. Setup software ( DSCars_HeavyDuty_R32013.exe ) from obddiagnosticcenter.

2. Select product Delphi DS150E (new vci):
  - If heavy duty, please select product(DE150E heavy duty(new vci) ), but do not change the install path!
  - For Windows XP users: install patch to --- C: Program FilesDelphi DiagnosticsDS150E (new vci))
  - For Windows 7 64 bit users: install patch to - C: Program Files (x86) Delphi DiagnosticsDS150E (new vci))

3. Run 2014.2_install_Delphi.exe on desk to active.

For cars:

For Trucks:

4. Copy all of the file in the fold (Delphi update 2014 R2 - only for delphi ds150e new vci) to c: program filesdelphi and replace the original files.
 - Click start
 - Click yes to save FileActivation on desk
 - Send FileActivation just you saved on desk to your seller
 - Wait your seller send back the FileActivation file actived
 - Copy the FileActivation file actived replace to the file on desk
 - Click start again
 - Click no to open the FileActivation file actived
 - Wait for install complete,enjoy!

The article collect with china obd diagnostc center, if you need newest version delphi software or have any question in update delphi software to 2014.01 or 2014.02 version, please contact to Elena OBD2motor or send mail to