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Fix motorbike must choose Hand-held MST-100P Motorcycle scanner

                                                           Fix motorbike must choose Hand-held MST-100P Motorcycle scanner

MST-100P is 8 in 1 hand-held motorcycle diagnostic scanner works for 8 brand many motorcycle models.  MST-100P motorbike programmer with canbus chips, no need any additional interface. Below, let us to know, what's the lightpoint of MST-100P motorcycle diagnostic scanner?

8 in 1 motorcycles mst-100p scanner hand-held mst-100p motorbike programmer

1. Small size, light weight and easy-taken, easy operation and quickly reaction
2. Provide diagnostic functions to multi-brands motors
3. Can provide detailed and complete diagnostics functions and maintenance description.
4. Reliable quality.
5. Large LCD display with high resolution and clear fonts, easy to read.
6. Stronger and more durable than most equipment on the market
7. All the accessories can be replaced with high quality.
8. Can be updated online.
9. With CANBUS chips inside, no need any additional interface

Before using the mst-100p scanner, the user need to know

1. Make sure the ignition is on.
2. Ensure the red power light of the scanner is on.
3. Check the diagnostic cable and the interface in complete shape to avoid bad connection and short-circuit.
4. Make sure the software is compatible with the motor make.

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