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  • Adblue Emulator Man EURO 6 trucks emulator Adblue truck emulator33

Adblue Emulator Man EURO 6 trucks emulator Adblue truck emulator

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Man EURO 6 AdBlue Emulators Euro 6 trucks Emulator Adblue Trucks Emulator for DAF/VOLVO/SCANIA/MAN trucks. AdBlue EURO 6 truck Emulator can use to trucks and other Euro 6 transport.

AdBlue Man EURO6 Emulators Adblue EURO 6 truck Emulator for DAF/VOLVO/SCANIA/MAN trucks
Post free MAN Euro6 Emulator send to anywhere

AdBlue emulator EURO 6 Man EURO6 AdBlue Emulator is Original, unique, and professional AdBlue (SCR) emulators for DAF/VOLVO/SCANIA/MAN trucks and other transport.

Note: this tool only works for MAN trucks, other brand trucks emulator are stockout, newest it update states, please contact with

EURO6 AdBlue Emulators Disable system:
� AdxBlue system (Fully)
� AdxBlue NOX sensor
� DPF system

� DPF temperature sensors
� DPF regeneration

After installing Euro6 emulator, you can remove:
� DPF sensors � YES

� NOx sensor � YES (only in DAF don�t remove first NOx sensor !!!)
� Adblue temp. sensor (s) � YES
� Adblue pump � YES
� Adblue level sensor � YES
� Adblue ECU � YES

Supported Euro6:
( now only have MAN Euro6 truck emulator)
Volvo Euro6

DAF Euro6
MAN Euro6
Scania Euro6

Kindly note:
It is possible to disable AdxBlue system by installing an AdxBlue emulator (programmable device) into the vehicle. You can switch it on/off anytime.

EURO6 AdBlue Emulators using guide:

If you want to reduce the consumption of AdxBlue in your trucks or even completely disable it�s function, best solution is to install Adxblue-off emulator. We recommend Generation II.

The benefits of this are that you can reduce the consumption of AdxBlue, which makes using genuine AdxBlue far more affordable, or simply remove the whole system completely.
This process will not leave any traces of inactive AdBlue system.

Emulator Man Euro 6 not need to be learned. We Mount emulator under the metal cover of AdBlue Pump. On the right side behind the cab. We need disconnect plug from AdBlue Pump and connect emulator.

Next we need to remove the fuses:

F894(Multisensor In AdBlue tank)

F738 (+30 Signal of AdBlue pump)
F1084(NOx sensor Upstream)

Fuse F737 is now fuse of emulator.

Fuse F1109 is the fuse of NOx sensor Downstream and A1191 mufler temperature sensor. This sensor need to work correctly for DPF regenaration.

The last thing that we need to do is remove Power from NOx downstream sensor. There is two way to do that. Cut pin 1 in NOx sensor plug. The second way (better) is remove pin 10 in X3212 plug. This plug is visible on rear of engine, right side. This is TE plug (16 pin) wiht yellow key.

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